Automated machine learning that you control.

Modify what you want, let us handle the rest.

Build better models, with more control.

Create your task

First locate your data, and figure out what you want to predict.


Work with our grammar and send a request to our API.

Deploy & Predict

Get automated deployments to make inference as easy as an english language command.

Solution made for you

Whether you're a Product Manager, Software Developer, or a hardcore ML engineer, Paraglide is meant for you.

Software Developer

Start by working with our grammar, and as you learn more, begin writing your own functions.

Growth Manager

Gain insights on estimated growth potential of different ideas with easy AI.

Team Collaboration

Have different members of your team work on different layers. Let us handle what you can't.

Paraglide is a tool built for non-technical and technical workers. Leverage the power of our grammar today.

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